As 2017 is coming to a close, I took a look back over the last twelve months to get an idea of the Serramar homes that sold this past year.

I’m always curious to see trends emerge that outline the desire for a particular model, location, etc. This year, I would have to say that the smaller plans have made up the bulk of the sales.

To illustrate, I have broken out the number of sales by model and have indicated the price range in which these models are trading.

Serramar Homes Sales By Model - 2017
Number of SalesModel NumberPrice Range
31$595,000 – $680,000
43$684,000 – $762,000
36$735,000 – $870,000

The reason for the differential in pricing is consistent with other locations, where location and amenities are the main drivers.

While it appears that the demand is for the smaller plans, I have had several conversations with buyers who are interested in the larger floor plans, but there just have not been many available for sale, thus the small turnover.

There is still approximately two weeks left in the year. If we have another 2017 sale, I will provide an update.

If you are interested in obtaining specifics regarding any of the past sales or would like to discuss the value of your Serramar home, reach out via
THIS FORM and I will be in touch shortly.

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