Beautiful Sunset from Serramar in La Mesa

view from Serramar

Panoramic view from the proposed La Mesa Summit Development

This is not quite 360 degrees, but it’s pretty close!

This is the view from proposed development site just East of Serramar and on the South side of Eastridge Drive. Any questions, just let me know.

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New Proposed Development Part 1
New Proposed Development Part 2

New Proposed Development near Serramar La Mesa [part 2]

I attended the developer hosted Q&A over the weekend to get an update on the proposed development. In the video, I outline 7 major take-aways and what to expect moving forward.


New Proposed Development near Serramar La Mesa [part 1]

A quick take regarding the proposed development of the vacant land at the top of Eastridge Dr. in La Mesa.

YouTube Preview Image

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